Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Ever have one of those days? When from the first moment you know things aren't going to go your way?

Today's shaping up that way. One small annoyance couples wither the next, impregnating the day, gestating a little beast that will turn around some day and eat its mother. Oedipus, I'm thinking. We'll gall today Oeddy for short.

It started with the morning sit down. Picked holy tablet and flipped on the kindle app only to find that my library book, a book I renewed two days ago had been removed from said device. No biggie, as it's just a matter of downloading after getting the link from the library. But the library's website is down. No book for me.

Again, not a big deal. I've got an article about grammar education I can read on my work iPhone. IPhone's dead.

Oh well. I should be working on grading. Open up a student assignment and the rubric sheet I'm using Olympus to realize that the mobile apps I use on my tablet don't allow for the type of commenting or text input I normally do. And because I am in a bit of a mood, I say screw it.

I'm going to take a nap.

At least it's snowing.

End whine.

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