Tuesday, March 11, 2014


A new bus a new experience. Sometimes things just roll so fast you get where you're going before you had planned. Normally I avoid the 4:05 bus. Too many people. But when its there and there are open seats, well, I'm not above getting home a bit early.

Transits been a bit boring lately. Just the normal day to day riding. The trails are back to decent and the roads aren't too horrid. But it looks like another big thaw is coming round to give us a taste of spring before it's time.

I have noticed that the warmer weather tends to correlate to a general increase in the number of close calls with drivers. Spring fever, I guess makes horrible drivers of us all.

I remember being 16 and when spring came around he'd crank up the metal or rap and just cruise. But not really cruise, more like drag race every street we could find and pedestrians be damned.

I guess I understand it. I just don't like it. I don't like the sound of angry bees swarming up behind me as the kid in the souped up Suburu races up behind me, passing within inches, or thwarted jacked up SUV with blacked out Windows rolls slowly behind me for two blocks before gunning it around me to make right hand then and almost right hooking me. But these are the risks.

I wouldn't trade them. The spring fever is even more infectious when on a bike and out in the air and sun.

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