Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Dawn

It feels like April, not March. Riding is amazing. A bit muddy in some places, but fun riding. The sun feeling like a long lost friend returned. But there is something sad about it as well.

March is traditionally the best month for winter cycling as the warmer days mean the snow packs down nice and you can ride in gear that allows you to at least look human while still rolling on terrain not accessible when things aren't frozen.

Not so now. There is far too much bare ground and the trails are going from decent coverage to nothing fast too quickly. Breakup should be decent this year, won't have to spend weeks being soaked on each ride, but... I want the normal March back.

I want to have to wear hats and gloves for the ride and feel that sting of cold on my face. I want snow, damned it. Snow and winter and the fleeting trails that come with it. Is that so much to ask?

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