Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sweeter than you

Ever have one of those days when you just know it's going to just not end?

I've been having a lot more of those lately. My daily calendar continues to have more appointments than I have time for and still I have more work that needs done. Its overall a good problem to have, I guess.

Today though. Whoa. It started with the AM commute. Windy. The type of wind that swung around to being a headwind no matter which direction I pointed the bike in.

Then there were the drivers this morning. Drivers - when a cyclist sticks his left arm straight out to the left it is signaling that he is going to turn left not that he wants you to hurry around him and make the left hand turn first, almost taking him out in the process. Just sayin'

Follow near death with a day of back to back meetings and, well, frankly Mr Shankley, I'm read for bed. But no, I first Have to race from work to the bus stop after being in a meeting until 4. That said, I think may have PR'd the ride. Left the parking lot at 4:07 and made the bus stop at 4:19. Not bad for a fat guy on a fat bike with some nasty icy conditions in places.

But now I'm on the bus. I'm on the way home and the sun on my back feels quite nice. But when I get home I have more work to do before
I can sleep. And tomorrow doesn't look to be much better in the way of busy-ness.

Though maybe if I'm lucky I'll be able to sneak out a little early and get some trillions time in before heading home. Give myself some time to decompress a bit.

I was talking to my boss today and he was so stoked that when he went out last night on some of the trails I showed him and when he got a bit turned around and asked a passerby if he knew what trail they were on and was told Paper Plate  he knew that trail name and approximately where he was. It was amazing to see that mixed look of joy and excitement on his ace as he talked about exploring new trails. I imagine that must be how I look quite often. A big, hairy kid beaming with the joy of discovery.

Good times.

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