Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I've got nothing today. I'm just tired and ready for the weekend already, even though I'll be working the whole weekend. And I'll be tempted the whole time I'm working to go for a ride. It seems that the Knik river is ridable and the glacier is beautiful. Or so my sources tell me.

Then the following weekend is a road trip and bike ride in Talkeetna. I'm looking forward to this. The weekend after is a winter bike function at work, which should be good times as well, though more work for me. As the only current every day winter rider, I've been asked to provide some info about dressing for winter riding as well as discussing some of the stuff that folks should have along for the ride.

Work, work, work. Speaking of work, go check out my second column over at  Alaska Commons . Good stuff if I do say so. All about beardcicles and stuff.

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