Monday, March 24, 2014

The Voyer

Oh what a glorious weekend. I hate for it to be over now. I really ignored all of my responsibilities for three days and just enjoyed time in the saddle.

It started Friday with a Knik river ride. I'd made tentative plans with a gentleman from work meet up and ride out with him, but it didn't work out so I decided to make the ride on my own.

I'd never ridden the river before and wasn't quite sure where to put in, but had heard that Hunter creek was a good starting point to cut out some miles. I got started there and followed in some other tracks, but quickly lost them and kinda lost myself. I ended up out of the main creek bed and in a swamping no clear path to the main river channel.

I was quite discouraged and wasn't looking forward to back-tracking, so I followed a snow machine trail that was, unposted, private property. This eventually led me back to the road where I rode back to the car and started the drive home.

On the way I decided to pull off at a river access point and check it out. I pulled out the bike and headed up river. I didn't make it to the glacier, but the sun and scenery made up for it. And now I know how to get on the river easily, so I can give it another try.

On Saturday I got to head out to Moose Range for some riding. It was a bit of a last minute decision to go and it was windy so I wasn't really feeling it at first. But as I started getting warm-up, it just became more and more fun. I rode some snow machine trails off the main trails and rode the ski trails, which were amazing riding. Firm and fast. What was strange to me is that I was the only person out there. On a Saturday the place is usually packed.

Yesterday was a trip to town to ride. My colony decided to put together a little fat bike event for employees to come out and give it a try, eat some food, and team build. It ended up being the perfect day for it. Warm, sunny, and fast trails. We rented ten fat bikes for people to try out and I led folks on tours of some of my favorite single track trails in the area, mostly the social trails that pop up each year. The ones that aren't really social trails, but not really sanctioned trails yet either.

We got a lot of folks interested in winter biking, I think, and I got a lot of good miles in. Though this morning's commute was a big tough as the legs were definitely feeling the three days of big rides.

I love this time of year!

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