Monday, February 3, 2014


I just want fame.
That's all. Fame. Everyone
to know my face, know my name.

But that's a lie. I want
to be nothing more
than the shadow in the corner,
remembering the times when
we were so poor
that we'd spend Sunday
at Sears, watching the traveling
kitchen utensil pitchwoman
hawking her wares center ring
for the gathered crowd, a crowd
drawn in with the repeated
refrain over the in-store PA of
"Claim your free gift just for watching."
and we would. We would hold on
to those cheap trinkets
as if they were the golden scepter
of the gods. We would walk the aisles
dreaming of all the products we
thought we needed, but couldn't afford.

It seems that we were happier then.
That life wasn't so complicated, that
there was not so much riding on every decision.

Yeah, the bills were still there. The stresses of
putting gas in the car and food on the table. All
that was there, but it was like we knew
that we couldn't afford anything that we
thought we wanted, so we just didn't want.
We didn't want.

How to go back to not wanting, now?

I've got nothing else. I suppose I could mention something about the fact that the Valley Mover started their new schedule today that reduces the AM busses from eight to seven. I could, but I can't say that I saw much of an effect from this change. Yes, there was another fat biker on the bus this AM, but apart from being a bit more difficult to get my bike in and out, that wasn't much of an effect.

More important is that the bus didn't feel any more crowded than it normally does. I figure over the rest of this week things might change as folks from the canceled bus try the other options and come to rest on their prefered bus.

I still prefer the 5:10. It's quiet and I get home at a decent time.

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