Monday, February 10, 2014

Closer (Further Away)

Good Stuff - TED Talks

I love me some TED Talks. They make me feel smart just for watching. I particularly like the one linked above. Amanda Palmer interests me. She's a unique individual and she brings up some really great points in her talk. Points that I think many can relate with.

I think it is hard for everyone to come right out and ask for what it is that we want. Of course, Mrs. Palmer focuses her talk on how asking for what you want can help one survive in the music business and create a stronger connection between artist and fan.

I think the idea can be expanded to anything, really. What would happen if everyone simply asked for what they wanted in life? Asked for what they wanted their life to be? I'm not talking asking for a million dollars or a big house. More at the emotional, spiritual, and metaphysical level - World, I want to be content with my life, have beautiful children and a lovely wife, and feel fulfilled in my work. Can you help me get that?

Is this what differentiates people? Some people are able to ask for what they want while others of us don't? I know I don't. And while I have a lot of really great things in my life, I also have moments where I feel completely unsettled and unfulfilled. Though, this does seem to me the nature of the human condition. We all have those moments of being completely satisfied followed by moments of dread that we haven't obtained all we think we should.

Therein lies the issue with blogs and other channels of representation wherein the author is also the sole editor. It's much easier to present that "my life is perfect" vision to the world. And I would guess that this feeds into a cycle of discontent among heavy blog readers - my life isn't as good as the life I see on blog X.

Or, what if people with seemingly perfect lives indeed have perfect lives? And they asked for those perfect lives? It's an idea. Maybe.

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