Thursday, February 13, 2014


What is my favorite part of the commute? That depends.

Many days it is the time I get to spend on the bus engrossed in a good novel.

Other days it is crossing the Knik River bridge on the way home and watching the fog rise from the water and seeing glints of the glacier in the sun.

Some days it is power from my office to the bus stop on well groomed trails, feeling fast and free.

Other days it is getting to work and having my first warming cup of coffee.

What I don't love is getting up at 4:00 in the morning. What I don't love is that first moment when I step out of my garage and into the 4:38 AM cold. What I don't love is the wind. And when it rains. And when the bus is full or too hot or too cold.

But I love the fact that I can live somewhere that my kids have a good school and teachers that really push them. I love the fact that I can live in a house that has room for everyone and that I have a yard and a garage and if I want to plant a garden I can. I love that I can have this and still be able to commute without driving myself.

Because of this, I really enjoy almost every aspect of my commute. Even those I don't enjoy. I remember when I used to drive to work every day and how frazzled I would feel by the time I got there. And this was in a small city of less than a quarter million. And again, on the way home I would feel the same stress.

I don't feel any of that anymore. There is a bit more stress than when my commute was all by bike. I didn't have to worry then about hitting someone else's schedule, but even that stress isn't much. Or anything I really worry about.

Oh. I love it when I snows.

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