Tuesday, October 22, 2013

There are only two things certain in this world...

bike maintenance and taxes.

As mentioned, I recently replaced the bearings in my bottom bracket. No bigs, right? Well now I have a mystery creak when pedaling under load. It could be any number of things - a slightly loose cup, the crank bolt being slightly loose, a pedal with issues. Who knows? I do seem to remember that when I first got the cranks, there was a bit of a creak that worked itself out after a couple hundred miles. I figure I'll take a few moments this coming weekend to take a closer look, but I'm trying to not obsess over it. Not now.

No, now I want to think about the cool things that are happening for cyclists, and, I guess, skiiers, in Anchorage.

Anchorage has a great trail system in town. The Chester Creek trail, the Coastal trail, and the Campbell Creek trail have, at one time or another succumbed to my tires. Fat or otherwise. For some reason, though, someone bisected the Campbell trail with a highway. Really?

For years and years, to connect one part of the Campbell Creek trail to another, you had to limbo under the highway bridges the went over the namesake creek - not too difficult in the summery months - a pain in the winter when the space between creek and girder was often less than four feet. The other option was to detour around to Tudor road which really wasn't much of an option at all. Nasty road that Tudor.

Well, folks, after a spell of construction, they've gotten it done. They've finally connected the trail with an actual underpass and all is right with the world. Well, there is that Lake Otis abomination with the trail, but that's another story. The point is, it is now possible to easily link up these three trails for an awesome ~31 mile loop of the city. Really, what is better than being able to ride 31 miles, or thereabouts, without more than a few feet where you have to worry about cars? An awesome Sunday ride.

Only problem? I don't live in Anchorage anymore. I have a sneaking suspicion that Thursday I might just get sick around noon and try to sneak in a ride of the loop. A look some are calling the Three Cs loop. I like it.

Now the question, does more infrastructure mean more cyclists? I hope so.

Morning is dark. The light is inviting.

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