Monday, October 28, 2013

Solving the Correspondence Problem

No commute for me today. Instead, I rode in with the wife, who had a dentist appointment. As we made our way in to town I started to wonder just how much sense it would make to let her drive home alone after having a root canal.

So, here I am, back at home, working remotely. Good times. Couldn't pick a better day for it. Rainy. Windy. Generally cruddy.

That said, I did get a nice, if brief, snow ride in yesterday. My son had been bugging me to take him to Hatcher's Pass to go skiing for some time so I figured why not? Right? It was rainy and crappy in the valley, but by the time we got up to the mine the rain had turned to snow and the temps were a comfortable 39F.

The kids skied a bit and I rode my bike. Let's just say I am not in climbing shape, let alone snow climbing shape! I put in only a few miles, but each and every one kicked my arse. It was worth it though. Hatcher's is such a beautiful area and such a fun place to be. I just should have focused on boarding rather than biking.

But I'm still happy as can be that I did it. It was fun and a nice reminder that snow presents a whole new set of riding challenges.

On Friday, after work at the school, I got a bit of time to ride for a bit. A glorious day for it. unfortunately I didn't get to do the full CCC loop, like I wanted, but I did get out and about a bit and was able to get a couple of pictures that show just how nice of a day it was. I love fall days when it's sunny, warm with that slight tinge of cold in the air, the scent of leaves turning and falling.

Anchorage looking northward towards Palmer. The ship yards are so colorful.

Well, not really, but interesting to look at none the less.


  1. Were you able to ride the groomed ski trails in Hatchers???

  2. I did ride from the lower parking lot to the upper parking lot at the mine - the area that is generally considered multiuse. Once at the mine, I wouldn't even think of riding on those trails - I'd love to, but don't want some nordic goober in spandex jumping my portly behind. I also rode a bit of the Willow Fishook road, which is where the bike pics were taken.