Monday, October 21, 2013

Come to me...

Oh it is good. Yes it is. New bearing day. A day of rapturous joy throughout the land.

No play is a damned good thing.

Should have taken pics of the process, but I was too excited. Here is the general run-down:

1: Remove cranks
2: Remove cups
3: Destroy crappy plastic spacer/covers
4: Heat cup to just enough to bring whatever remaining grease to a boil
5: Wrap cup in rag and using a small nail set and hammer, lightly tap the inside lip of the bearing from the backside of the cup
6: Watch in glee as the crap bearing rolls across the floor
7: Wipe down the inside of the cup
8: Place new bearing in place
9: Place cup on 2x4
10: Place 2x4 over top of new bearing
11: Whack it a few times to set bearing
12: Place old bearing over new and finish tapping into place
13: Reassemble bike and go for a ride

The process was actually quite simple. I suppose the special tool would have made it even easier, but by heating the cup, the bearings just kinda slid out and then back in.

Took the boy with me to the river where we rode a nice 6 mile loop and found seven golf balls and one fire extinguisher. Fun times all around.

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