Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Denial Twist

So let's talk of cabbage and kings and other things...

Changes to the bike - After getting some Shimano M324 pedals a few weeks back and riding them on the river bottoms twice I realized I really didn't like them. Discount the fact that two instances of riding in sandy conditions and they were clicking like bastards, I found I couldn't stand needing to look at my feet to clip in to make sure I was on the right side of the pedal. That and the fact I had to bash the hell out of feet to get the sand off the cleats each time I unclipped and then tried to clip back in. Annoying.

So I took em back and picked up another pair of Egg Beater 1 pedals and a new set of flats for winter for less than what I paid for the Shimano's. I figure the Egg Beaters at 49 bucks are a good deal even if I only get two seasons out of them.

I also picked up a Timbuk2 Bento Goody Box on the cheap. I've wanted a gas tank type bag for a while and I figured this might let me simplify my rig a bit by moving my tools out of my Revelate bag so I can get rid of that for the daily ride and use it only when riding sans panniers. So far I like the box, but I did find that you can't fit a fat tube in it. Fail.

I've started to toy with the idea of going tubless again. If I decide to make the leap, I'll take pics and post here. Thinking I can see some big advantages to that.

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