Monday, August 19, 2013

The real thing

I ended our City's Summer Bike Commute Challenge with 100% of my commutes by bike/bus. Which isn't that interesting, really, as I've been doing 100% bike commute to work for three years now. What is interesting is that even though my co-workers know I'm a bike commuter, they don't seem to realize that I never drive until they see it published somewhere. Because that makes it legit. I guess it goes back to my rant about bike to work day - those of us who bike commute all the time in all weather tend to get marked as loony, but those who do it that one day a year are labeled heroes or something.

Yeah, I'm cranky, I know. I just find it so interesting how things seem to have changed. Once upon a time people were recognized for what they did. They didn't have to sing their own praises on Facebook, they didn't have to join some movement. They just did what they did and eventually people realized it and gave recognition. Now it seems that if you don't advertise your own greatness... well.

Maybe it's just my perception of things that has changed. Maybe I have reached that place where I can no longer understand or connect with the newest wave of cultural shifting that is always occurring. Maybe I am just old and irrelevant.

That is all...

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