Tuesday, August 6, 2013


What a gorgeous morning. The sunrise over the mountains and reflecting off the clouds was superb.

However, when we start seeing sunrises in the northland it means only one thing: winter is imminent. I don't mind winter. I think because of the commute and getting out in the elements every day makes it a bit easier to deal with than if I cloistered myself away, like I used to do. And I still do often on the weekends - just bum around the house. Even so. There is something terribly sad about the summer coming to an end already.

The fireweed is getting closer and closer to the top blooms and the fair is almost here. School starts in a week for the kids and classes at the U start in three weeks. All signs that summer is winding down.

We've got some salmon put away in jars and in the freezer. We need to still get more to last us through the year. We need to get some berries picked as well. Summer is far too fleeting here and it never feels that we can pack as much into it as we want or need to. There is always something that needs done.

The bike. When things get crazy or when I get worried, stressed, the bike is there as a savior. Meditation, reflection, awareness. That's what the bike gives me. And that's why I continue to bike commute even though it is a bit more challenging now. I just can't imagine not having the time to let my mind wander to whatever and wherever it wishes each morning and each afternoon. Can't do that in a car. Well, you can, but it usually comes to a bad end...

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