Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lights out

OK f-ers. I am over spring and summer already.

People ask me all the time when is my favorite time to ride. And I always tell em winter.

You know why? Because the trails are used by people who know how to use them in the winter. People share in the winter. People don't ride two abreast in the winter and them yell at you when you pass after clearly yelling 'on your left' before both slowing down and making the pass and being forced onto the grass because said moron things on your left means to move left.

I'm grouchy. Maybe I'm a bit too possessive of the trails, but c'mon. Some offs are out there trying to get places.

And don't get me started with the bikes that are now all over the bike racks and trying to the my spot. The spot I've been parking in all f'king winter long. Were are these other bikes in the winter? Not being ridden, I'll tell you that.

This feels like a familiar refrain to me. I always complain about the fair weather riders. Its not that I don't like seeing people on bikes. Its just that the bulk who come out of the woodwork in spring seem the self absorbed Lyra clad Freds that would do well with a stick in their uber light carbon spokes.


1 comment:

  1. Wow, my thoughts exactly to an effn T!!! I need a no parking sign for my spot at work. I use it all year round, others, are fairweather users. Same with trail users, terrible manners. No helmats. I already miss winter!!!