Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Where is My Mind

Where is my mind? I don't know right now. Either it is in the clouds or it is under water. I have a lot of difficulty focusing on anything lately. I want to be lazy. I want to not need to get up at 4 in the morning or spend my weekends grading papers. I want to hibernate.

I got spoiled a bit over the summer not teaching in addition to my normal work. Now I juggle teaching 12 credit hours and a 40 hour a week work week and it is difficult at times. But it does allow me to commute in the way that I prefer.

But when it's ten below zero in the morning, any commuting seems silly. I'd much rather stay at home and in bed.

Right now I'm just working for the weekend. Or, rather, the semester end. Once the semester ends, I'll get a bit of a break and take a few weeks off of work. We've got a cabin in the woods rented for Christmas, and we have a bit of firewood to take with us. We'll light a fire, enjoy each other's company, and just unplug for a bit.

And hopefully the break will also allow me to warm my bones a bit. For the past week I've been unable to get warm. My fingers are usually bricks by the time I finish my commute and my nose often feels as if it is burning. It's only November, but already I've ridden more than a few times in sub-zero temps. Not a good sign.

At some point it'll warm back up and things will be grand. I just hope they can figure out the heat on the bus sometime soon. 

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