Monday, November 11, 2013


The tide has turned. We have snow. And it's staying. Quite a change from Saturday night's ride.

I went out after dark on Saturday to further test my light set up and found it to be wonderful. After two hours in the dark I still had light and hadn't run into any trees, rode off any trails, or had any mishaps of any sort.

Saturday's ride was on frozen dirt, which allowed me to clear some rooty sections that I wouldn't be able to on dry or wet days. The trails were fast and firm.

Sunday brought first rain and then snow. About three inches of the white stuff. Who knows how much rain. Now comes time to get to work. Yes, that's right, it's time to pack trail. I figure with the water content of the snow, getting out there now and riding it in will result in some awesome trails. As such, I'll be out there this afternoon. Just getting my ride on. Though, first things first, I'll have to pack down my trail to the bus stop and back. I guess you gotta work before you can play, right?

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