Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Future Warrior

I've now got a few rides under my belt with the CygoLite Expilion 680 and I have to say I am pleased. To this point I've not used it on full blast at all and have had plenty of light to find the trail through the woods at night. That's what it's about.

I hit up my local single track on Saturday night to see how the light would perform. I had mentioned previously that the mount seemed a bit wonky and that it rotated left to right. Right? Well, it's supposed to do that. I was wrong in my assertion that the movement from side to side was not equidistant. So, it is. My bad.

The other issue I mentioned was that the mount seemed to be a bit loose where the light attached. I worried that this would cause the beam to jutter and move when riding rough trail. This was not the case. While riding some rooty social trails I never once noticed that the beam moved more than the bike itself.

I took some images of the beam itself on the four different output settings.





Because I use a helmet mounted light as well, the medium beam works just about perfect for me to light up the trail ahead of me. I did use the boost setting for a bit of my ride, on a section of wide ski trail where I knew I'd be topping out around 25mph on the downhill sections, which, as most ski trails seem to do, end in blind, tight corners. 

If a light system works in the woods on the single track, it will work for my daily commutes just fine. And this light seems to work just fine. It gives me a bright enough beam to see what I need to see and also provides a number of strobe options to help others see me. Good stuff. 

I don't have much to say about my afternoon ride yesterday, but thought I'd share a couple of pictures to illustrate just how amazing this place is. 

And people wonder why I love winter around here. 

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