Monday, September 23, 2013

Sleepwalk Powder

I've just today realized one big challenge with commuting over 35 miles to work. See in Anchorage the weather is different based on what part of town you are in. We lived on the east side and it was generally colder there than elsewhere in town.

Now compound that by 30 miles and you can see the challenges that exist. I can leave my house and it can be in the mid 30's and dry and get to Chugiack where it is raining to beat the devil and then get to Anchorage where it is lightly snowing and the wind blowing from the north west.

So the biggest challenge is how to dress or how to make the decision, any way. This morning I was just about perfect for the valley portion of the commute. Got to the bus stop feeling comfortable and not sweating to speak of. But by the time I got a few blocks from the bus in Anchorage I was wishing I had another layer on both top and bottom. Granted, the temps were quite similar to the valley - 36F, but with the addition of the wind, my merino jersey and REI Windwall shirt layer were just not cutting it. And the wind wasn't even blowing that hard. The joys of late fall/early winter - the body takes a while to adjust to the changing temps.

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