Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hey Ladies!

There's been this new rider in the mornings lately. Not sure where she get on at, but by the time the bus gets to Trunk, she's out. Nearly snoring. No big deal, a lot of riders do this. But this morning. Oh this morning she ruffled a few feathers.

The left of the bus has a sideways bank of three seats together. She was laying across all three, sound out. There's a few folks who like to look at these seats as their own in some way and they didn't seem too pleased to need to find a new home today.

I'm just happy she didn't get drool on my bike.

It was raining and wet this morning, but as I was making my way to the edge of down town, I noticed the moon shining bright. The picture does it no justice, but it was a bit awe-inspiring the way it wasn't there and then was and then wasn't again. Maybe it was more due to water on the brain. Can't be sure.

Think it's time for a new summer tire?

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