Monday, July 22, 2013

Here come the comedown

Ah Monday. Has there ever been anything to recommend this day? If you had a good weekend prior, it makes Monday all the more cruel. If you had a bad weekend prior, Monday just feels a continuation. Not a fan of Mondays.

But Mondays are nice in one regard - my legs generally feel quite fresh come Monday if I've not ridden during the weekend. And sadly I have to say that I've not been riding much on the weekends. The occasional run to the store, maybe, but things are just so busy that making time to get out on the bike takes a back seat.

Besides, it's good to take a breather from the bike from time to time to keep the enthusiasm up.

Sometimes Mondays are nice, though. Like when I have this great view from the office window:

Okay, that's not really today. Today imagine the same scene, but minus the clouds and so bright it hurts your eyes to look at it. 

Commuting-wise: the ride home on Friday night was interesting. The bus was full as there is reduced service on Fridays. No big deal. Everyone got a seat and no one was turned away. But there was a bit of an adventure.

The Valley Mover will drop folks off along the route at the highway exits. On Friday we dropped a gentleman off at Thunderbird falls. As we pulled away it felt to me that the bus was not quite right. There was a pronounced list to the vessel. Were we taking on water? Were the seas turning on us? Argh matey... nope. As we neared Palmer the driver pulled over and his report was a simple blowing air suspension bag. For a moment it appeared that we might, well, the other riders might, be stuck in the bus until a new bus could be dispatched to come pick them up. But, in the end the driver decided to push on slowly. All in all, we made it home maybe five minutes later than normal.

Can't beat that with a stick.

So, after the harrowing ride home on Friday, I decided to not ride the bike over the weekend. Okay, that's not entirely true. I just ended up not riding. The wife suggested that the boy and I go on Saturday, but after the work I did around the house chopping down scrub alder, my back was just not feeling it. Then on Sunday I spent a good part of the day scrubbing the back deck and again, my back just was not feeling up to a ride - particularly with the temps we were having in the upper 70's. Instead, I got the kayak out for a bit of paddling.

The paddle was nice and relaxing. Found where Cottonwood creek comes into Cottonwood Lake and I think I could paddle up it to Finger Lake quite easily. Finger Lake and Cottonwood Lake are part of a canoe trail in the valley and, so, the creek is used to connect the two lakes. I'm just not sure of the logistics of paddling against the current in anything bigger than my 13.5 foot kayak as the creek has some fairly sharp bends in it. I don't know that a 16 foot canoe would be able to make it past some of them. I'll definitely have to check it out a bit more in the days and few remaining weeks of summer to come.

The commute this morning was nice. Windy, though. I suppose, though, we are getting to the time of year when the wind will start blowing more and more so I best just get used to it.

I'm still dealing with mad hunger when I get to the office in the morning. Not sure what is up with that. So far this morning I've had an oatmeal bar, a granola bar, some dried mango, some dried pineapple, and I'm still just ravenous. I'm about to tuck into some amazing home-made yogurt my wife made over the weekend. But from there I don't know what else I'll eat. I feel like I shouldn't be eating so much or feeling so hungry in the mornings.

If I remember correctly, though, I did the same thing last summer about this time as well. I wonder if it has something to do with riding at a faster pace than I do in the winter? That doesn't seem quite right, though, as in the winter I'm pushing a lot more weight and have a much larger rolling resistance to overcome, yet I rarely feel deep-down hungry when I get to the office. I don't know. Just seems like I can't get enough to eat. And the things I crave are certainly not healthy foods. I'd much rather eat a greasy breakfast sandwich with bacon and sausage on it than oatmeal. I'd rather have some salty chips than dried fruit. I'd rather have a dozen donuts than yogurt. Granted, I'm not known for eating healthy, but to have cravings for this type of junk food is not entirely like me. Maybe there is something there, though. All of the foods I crave in the mornings are salty to an extent. Maybe my sodium levels are mucked up? Ah, best not to worry about it too much now.

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