Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Some days it just doesn't matter how light the bike is, how long you've been doing this, how good of shape you think you are in, the ride is just brutal.

This morning was one of those brutal ones. Started out just feeling a bit heavy overall, like my legs couldn't support me. DOMS is a bitch and I'm dealing with that right now. I took one of the dogs out for a run on Sunday. For some reason I thought I could do three miles after not running for, what, a few years?

Yeah, my legs hurt a bit today. Worse than yesterday.

These are the days when I don't want to be a bike commuter.

Maybe my overall attitude is more to blame. For many reasons I really don't feel motivated to actually come into the office. Much of the work I am doing right now doesn't require me to be in the office and its not like I'm getting input from the customer until after the fact, so why come to the office to work?

Partially it is just to get the bike miles in. Seems silly, but true. I like having the excuse to get on the bike. When I work from home it is too easy to start at 6 in the morning and keep going until 6 at night.

It's easy to think about how nice it would be to not ride on days like today when it seems that I've ripped every fiber of muscle into tiny little shreds and then tried putting them all back together with velcro. Every movement sets off a small rip of flame in my legs.

I know it is a good thing on some level, provided I can get out and run again to start building those muscles up rather than just breaking them down.

But time. Time is the great challenge. There are only so many usable hours in the day and a good bunch of those in my day are used up commuting to and from work. If I did things right, I'd run during the day - say at lunch. But once I get rolling on something, I tend to not want to leave it until it is done. Which means I often don't really even take breaks, just moments away to hit the head and warm up some food to eat while at my desk.

Some days I contemplate getting a car and driving myself to work. I really do. I could, if I did so, sleep an extra hour, still make it to work at the same time each morning, and have an extra hour in the afternoon to use for riding.

I could, but I know that wouldn't happen. I'd end up working the extra hour. I'd end up eating the time in some other way and end up still being pressed and frantic.

What's the saying about entropy? It always gets easier to not change?

I just made that up.

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