Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shortwave Radio

I should "train." I mean, what's the point of exercising if it is not to get ready for...something? Riding my bike just isn't enough, is it?

I'm not the type of guy who cares about 'getting better' or 'getting fitter.' Except when I am, but whatever.

I ride to ride. Intervals? What'r those? Hill repeats? Power meter?

Naw. I'll just ride, thank you much.

Even with the impending first time ever race that I may be doing with my daughter in March, I don't think I will find myself doing any training other than just getting out there and riding.

I guess I just don't have that killer instinct or competitive drive. Or maybe I just want to ensure that I don't start hating something that I love to do, much like I did with running.

I had a brief love affair with running. I went six or seven days a week. I pushed to PR my favorite routes each time I went out. I made myself feel like hell, not taking the proper time to recoup. I got to where the point of the run was to suffer. Then I started to really hate running. I love the idea of being out there and moving under my own power, but don't find joy in running anymore.

I still find joy in biking. And, addmittedly, my love affair with the bike has been around a lot longer than my fling with running ever was, but I don't want to lose the feeling of looking forward to my next ride rather than dreading it.

So, no training for me. Instead I'll just ride. I'll be faster than some and slower than others.


  1. The Duathlon. Since I don't ski, I figure I'll let the daughter take care of that for me.