Monday, December 9, 2013


Things slow down. Rather, my mind slows as it gets gummed up with too much going on in my life. Or so it seems. Like a drivetrain that's been abused. Crunchy thoughts and a real desire to not do anything.

Must be the end of the semester blues again. And frankly I'm happy it's about over. It's been a rough one. Three sections with one a face to face three hour block class takes a lot out of a person. One more week, then final grading, then a bit of time away. Time away from my regular job as well. A vacation. I can't wait. It'll be nice to be able to relax a bit and just veg. I'm hopeful that during the time away I'll get to do some of the riding I've been wanting to do - Moose Range, Knik Glacier, others. At a minimum, there will be some time spent at a public use cabin over the vacation - no cell phones, no computers, no nothing. I hope we have enough wood to keep warm.

This past weekend was the second annual Global Fat Bike ride. My original plans were to ride Moose Range. Weather had other plans. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we had a nice mix of freezing rain and freezing fog - thus making riding treacherous and visibility nearly extinct. As such I ended up putting in my ride time at the MatSu Greenbelt trails, planning to hit up the Bearberry trails and connecting up with Picnic Table and back home. In the end, I bypassed Bearberry, as things were slick enough that I was having a hard time staying upright even on the easiest single track. Better to be safe than sorry.

Overall it was a good ride, even with a bunch of hike a bike. Got some pictures that I may share someday.

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