Monday, June 17, 2013

Whoa...What a weekend

This weekend was aces. Just aces. Well, until this AM, anyway.

We headed down to Hope Alaska for the weekend. Camping on the beach and just generally hanging around can be a wonderful way to spend the time. Hauled the bike with and did a bit of riding on the Resurrection Creek road - 3 miles of climbing followed by a fast 3 miles of decent before riding the rest of the way into town.

On Sunday, we headed down to Seward for the day and had a nice hike from Lowell Point out to the Tonsina river. Last summer the bridge over the river was rebuilt, taking some of the adventure out of the hike. In the past, when we went the whole way to Cain's Head, we had to ford the river at the delta. No more. Now, you can just walk across the bridge so that the only challenge to the hike is timing the tide to get past the section that is only passable at a minus tide. Still, the time in the woods was enjoyable and the weather was, dare I say it, perfect.

This morning, though, that was the challenge. Up at 4 AM, pack up the camp, and then head back into town where I was dropped off at my office for a quick shower and change before hopping on the bike and riding the short in town route to my customer's office building. Still, the weather was gorgeous, so I'm not going to complain at all.

Things are inching closer to coming together to allow me to start the bike/bus/bike commute, though I don't want to jinx it by relaying the whole story here. Suffice it to say that we've been living hard for a few weeks and have a few more days to go before relief comes around.

Once things settle down I'll have some good tales to tell, some good rides to report, and maybe even a bit of fishing by bike stories. Until then, I'm keeping on keeping on. All I can say is if it weren't for the bike, I'd be out of my head by now.

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