Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The white hammer

Here is me looking stupid.

Notice the glorious sun in the background. That is what I have to deal with on the morning commute. Not a bad way to start a day.

I just want y'all to know I broke my cardinal rule to bring you this image: No Selfies...ever! But for you, my adoring fans, I figured once won't hurt.

I'm still in the infancy of multi-modal commuting, but I get by. I haven't really had anything that could be considered an adventure yet, but I know they are coming. I'm waiting patiently.

However, I did get to thinking about a few things on the ride today. The first of which is the need for photos if I'm going to actually do this whole blog thing. It's a strange thing, but I've found blogs that are only text tend to not have much readership. Might be that we all have the attention spans of gnats anymore.

So, what can I take pics of on my short jaunt from office to office until the real adventures begin? Here's the thing - Anchorage, once you get past the lack of any type of urban development planning and miasma of squat industrial-type buildings, is a really pretty place. We're surrounded by mountains and have some amazing greenbelts around.

Heck, even my fat tires look good on the cracked pavement.

See? Isn't that a thing of beauty? Yes, yes it is. 

Here's another, just to up the beauty of this here post: 

Anchorage is not all a concrete wonderland, though. There are trees and signs. 

And there are creeks.

This is just some of the scenery I get to see every morning. Sometimes there are moose. Sometimes even bear. But it is always good. A bit of nature to put a spring in your step and all.

Last night my son told me that one is more likely to get hit by a car than win the lottery. He then told me I should buy a lottery ticket. I asked him if he thought that was tempting fate a bit. He didn't understand the question. I've never been hit by a car, so... well you do the math. I think I'll wait to play the lotto until I have my first car hitting. Hopefully that's not for a long, long time to come.

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