Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Same Old, Same Old

Ugh. Back to the daily ins and outs, the same old, same old, the work-a-day world.

I'm  really not feeling it. I want to live on vacation for the rest of my life, man. Get up late. Ride my bike. Take a nap if I were so inclined. Ride my bike. Stay up late. Eat diner at 10 at night. Have a drink or two.

You know, live life, man.

But, instead I am stuck here. In the office. The daily grind.

Eh. It could be worse. I could have not had the two weeks off. I could have not been able to get my bike out there and enjoyed the weather and the snow and the trails.

And there was some good riding to be had. And then there was a meltdown with rain to make the low elevation areas kinda crappy for riding, but the upper areas? Bomber.

I don't know how many miles I rode during my vacation. Probably not as many as it felt like, because at least two days of riding were spent packing in trail so each mile felt like two and I'll count them that way if I want.

I know. I've talked about this trail system before. I just keep finding myself impressed with the work that has been done on the trails and the general beauty of the area. I love Hatcher Pass, but GPRA is quickly becoming my go-to backyard outdoor experience. I just love that I can ride, the kids can ski, and the wife can walk all at the same place and the great thing about it? There seems to hardly ever be anyone else there. Rare is the time when my trail experience coincides with someone else's. Not to say that I don't want to see you out on the trails. I do. I just also really enjoy the solitude that comes from having trails to myself.

It's a great time to be a non-motorized trail user in the valley right now. So come and get it.

I have to say that in the valley, the premier riding venue is certainly GPRA - Government Peak Recreation Area. There are two connected single track trails here and the lower track is machine groomed, flowy, and fast while the upper track is narrowly packed in, which makes for some challenging climbing - and the upper track does climb.

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