Monday, August 4, 2014

Time Baby Three


It's important to get out into the world and explore. Even when you have to work the next day and the weather looks like it will be rainy and crappy. When you do so and get pleasant surprises, like beautiful sunny skies, it is all the more worth it.

The boy and I decided to hit up the Gold Mint trail to see if we could make it further than the last time we were there. It amazes me how much the character of the trail seems to change between each visit. In the early spring it was impossible riding past mile 2.5 and the avalanche there. In the spring we turned around at three miles or so because of the mud and swampiness of the trail and being overgrown with alders that hadn't yet relaxed and grown upwards after a winter of snow.

Last night we made it 4.5 miles out before we decided that we'd best turn around and head back to the car and the waiting girls and dogs.

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