Friday, May 16, 2014

Live at the Scala

Moose. They're not that smart. Yeah, they're big, but a bus is bigger. Moose, don't run out in front of a bus.

Brakes checked and they work. Driver checked and passed with flying colors.

Good way to start a Friday?

Normally I don't ride in on Fridays. I either work from home or have the day off. Today, however,  my company is having a BBQ lunch to help kick off the summer bike commuting season and get folks excited to ride. It's cool. A good chance to get together, talk bikes and eat some grub.

I'm coming in to town as I'm the summer commuter challenge team lead. Anyone who knows me knows this is funny. I don't really go for taking leader roles in group stuff like this.

But, they wanted a team captain who could lead by example and, I guess the fact that I commute by bike and bus every. Damned. Day. Is a good example to set?

It's cool, though. I need to do more leadership and organization type stuff.

On a side note- the iPhone keyboard is far superior to the stock android board.

Anyway, I hope to get some riding time in this morning as well. Riding. It's what's for dinner?

In other exciting news…I'm helping to coach kids about cycling up in the valley. Should be awesome fun times. Any excuse to get out and ride a bit more is a good excuse. And my kids will all be involved, so there's that.

I'm actually quite excited about it. Not only the coaching aspect, which is great fun, but also just the chance to share my love of riding with folks and, hopefully, show them that you don't have to have a super fancy bike to enjoy the ride. As cool as fatties are, the Pugsley looks pretty shabby when placed next to a sparkly new FS rig. Hell, last time I was in the bike shop I did a bit of drooling over a really nice Santa Cruz Tall Boy. Capitalism….

Of course, this means I have some wrenching to do tonight - new cables and pads, clean the drive train, etc, etc. I'm hopeful I don't find anything that needs too much work on any of the bikes. 

Good times. 

Pics from earlier this week: 

Prayer flags?


What was a really cool looking moon, but didn't make the transition to the electronic world. Although, it almost looks like a pointalist painting.


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